Antwort auf unsere Ostergrüße

 Answer to our Easter Greetings 

– Semplisse in the name of Hage G. Geingob Highschool 

Dear Cordula, Dear Franc, Dear Zuibeyda, Dear learners and teachers… 

Thank you for your email and for always checking up on us. It is truly an honour to be in partnership with lovely people like you all. We have been doing great, and we are also looking forward to the Easter weekend, By the way, we are only off for 2 days excluding weekend days. On Tuesday we will return to school and hopefully we will begin with our first semester exams before we close off for holidays. 

Other than that, everyone us doing well, amidst all the new rules and regulations due to covid. However, we are abiding and I guess it’s the new normal for everyone now. 

I also informed Zuibyda that the learners from my school that were in the partnership programme had completed school last year and I am busy selecting new students for our project. 

At the moment I have no photos to share, however, I have been attending a working on SDGs whereby we are training teachers on SDGs.Perhaps I could also share with your photos. 

I am sending my greetings to everyone including your principal. I hope to see you soon. Here is a photo of some of the teachers that attended the workshop. 

Sending many hugs and lots of kisses from Namibia 


(Veröffentlichung durch C. Hiller-Kitzmann, Abteilungsleiterin Oberstufe)