Englischunterricht aus namibianischer Sicht

Mrs. van Neel, einer unserer Gäste, unterrichtet Englisch und Africaans an der Hage G. Geingop School.

Mrs. Bernard & Mrs. van Neel

Heute berichtet sie von ihren Besuchen unseres Englischunterrichts.

My experience in the English classes.
Meeting all this children from different grades with different challenges makes one realize that it’s not that different from the challenges we face daily in Namibia.
It is that the majority of pupils don’t have an interest in the subject, for most pupils they only speak English 45 minutes each day which is way to less. And then you still have to explain half the lesson in their home language for the pupils to have a better understanding of what’s going on.
Some of the pupils I met in the English classes have learning or social emotional difficulty which makes it very hard for them to take part in a class activity. Whereby at my school a lot of our pupils also have these difficulties but parents don’t have the money to take them to a professional so they get diagnose and for them to get the help they need.
What I’ve seen is that the teacher responsible for this subject knows the kids and they individual needs and on that they approach the pupil. Pupils are divided into groups according to they intellectual capital. And that makes it easier for teachers to give attention to those pupils that needs it more. And it’s less stress for the teacher because it helps them set a goal and time frame on which they want to achieve their goal.
The discipline problem is mostly the same here and at my school. Pupils only keep quite when being keep busy with work the moment you give them a task as “reading on their own” or “asking questions” they use that as a platform to make they own conversations.
Most of the pupils are better in writing English then speaking where as by us most of them are better in speaking then writing. The fact that kids have all the materials they need plays a big role in helping them reach they full potential. We have a lack of materials but we do what we can to make sure our kids have all they need to reach their greatness.
Pupils are very friendly and you can see they interest in knowing more and wanting to be and do better. I love joining the classes, learned a lot to take back home and apply in my own lessons.

Reigene Van Neel
Hage Geingob High School


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